Focus Your Business
Assess your total business environment. Align your vision, mission and values. Set clear goals and priorities. Inspire your team and build key stakeholder support. Take effective action. (more)

Focus on Customers
Understand your customers. Build key relationships, customer affinity and brand loyalty. Improve customer targeting and access. Customize your messaging. Ensure quality customer contact - every time! (more)

Focus on Innovation
Integrate technology, innovative products and services in your business. Improve business efficiency, productivity and your bottom line. (more)

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Lorne Ferguson Consulting is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lorne creates
focused business strategies, customer relationships, technology change and
innovation for clients.

He offers clients sustainable competitive advantage through improved
business effectiveness, strategic control, efficiency and productivity.

Lorne’s clients include companies, government departments and agencies,
academic institutions, associations and community organizations.

A Wealth of Experience
Lorne is an experienced executive and consultant with more than three
decades of strategic leadership learning and practice. He has worked with
companies, governments, universities, not-for-profits, associations and
volunteers. He is recognized as a skilled facilitator who gets fast,
effective results.