Lorne Ferguson Consulting works with business leaders to create focused business strategies, customer relationships, technology change and innovation.

Whether it’s competing for markets and customers, adapting new technology, managing communication issues, human resource or financial strategies, Lorne can help you focus your business.

Examples of Lorne’s relevant experience include:

• Portal strategy and operating plan for Dalhousie University (with FAM Enterprises) my.dal.ca
• Council of Atlantic Premiers strategic plan
• Strategic vision, partnerships for SME business guidance website www.thedecisionpoint.com
• Information technology services company business plan
• Shared services strategy for a large financial services provider
• InNOVAcorp business strategy
• Nova Scotia government strategic planning process
• Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine long range plan and funding
• Sector development - Life sciences, genomics, information technology, telecom, public policy, agrifood, tourism, culture, justice, education, financial services, sport, recreation

Lorne creates business edge for clients following basic principles:

1. Committed leadership.
2. Understanding the business, key issues, & competitive market environment.
3. Innovative thinking, vision, strategic direction, values.
4. Effective customer relationships, stakeholder communications.
5. Align strategy, customer processes, products, people, resources, culture.
6. Efficient structure, governance.
7. Motivated management, staff.
8. Brand & customer loyalty.
9. Integration of business & technology.
10. Operational effectiveness, productivity and control.

Project Experience:

Government Planning & Strategy
• Directed Nova Scotia government’s corporate strategic planning process encompassing all departments
• Key initiatives included:

- Comprehensive review of 1,100 government programs
- Implementation of strategic planning by all departments
- Coordinated public attitude research and multi-stakeholder consultations
- Comprehensive review of departmental plans
- Facilitation of Executive Council strategic planning meetings
- Executive Council approval of government-wide strategic priorities
- Restructuring of departments to align with strategic objectives
- Introduction of standardized business planning and reporting framework
- Multi-year provincial government expenditure control program
- NS First venture capital fund
- Computing infrastructure for Premier’s Office and Policy Board

• Strategic planning for the Council of Atlantic Premiers
• Industry de-regulation strategy workshop for a large provincial government
• Evaluation of the operating agencies of the Council of Maritime Premiers
• Public attitude research and public consultation processes on key policy and communication issues
•Co-development of NS Government information technology architecture plan
• Strategic consulting and facilitation services to provincial deputy ministers, departments and stakeholders, e.g., tourism and culture, agriculture and marketing, natural resources, justice

Knowledge Economy
• Life Sciences Industry Partnership
• Venture capital partnership
• Genomics centre partnership
• Evidence-based medicine commercialization pilot project
• e-learning feasibility assessment, ISO program
• Softworld 2000 partnership
• Advanced media strategy
• Community business incubator
• Biotechnology industry association development

Health and Science Sector
• NS Department of Health, health research priorities workshop
• CAEAL, national laboratory services association strategic plan
• Occupational health services business strategy
• Patient information strategy for QE II health sciences centre

Business Service Planning
• Integrated Wide Area Network project - developed project concept terms of reference, business and economic development strategy, a public-private partnership between the Nova Scotia Government and MT&T (now Aliant)
•Strategic vision, business concept and partnering strategy for The Decision Point www.thedecisionpoint.com, an online business guidance for small and medium sized businesses
• Shared services strategy for $2 B Atlantic region financial services institution
• Atlantic credit union system, strategic plan
• Conducted focus groups on a broad range of communication issues
• League Data, information technology services provider business plan
• Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia, restructuring plan
• Closing Our Prosperity Gap, A Working Paper of the Voluntary Planning Sector Committee on Economic Growth and Competitiveness
• Communication plan for Newfoundland & Labrador technology association

• Acadia Institute for Teaching & Technology strategic plan development
• Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine long range plan
• Acadia University life science strategy workshop
• Web portal strategy and operating framework for Dalhousie University my.dal.ca (in partnership with FAM Enterprises)
• University information technology services strategic planning workshop
• Research, education and recreation facility strategy