Lorne Ferguson Consulting builds on over thirty years of practical experience and continuous learning as a leadership facilitator, executive and consultant in the public, private and education sectors.

• Creating Business Focus
• Building Strong Customer Relationships
• Integrating Business, Technology and Innovation

Service Details

Creating Business Focus
• Strategic planning
• Group facilitation and team building
• Business planning
• Market and business development
• Partnerships and alliances
• Business productivity
• Operational effectiveness
• Program review and evaluation
• Business mentoring
• Project management

Building Strong Customer Relationships
• Market and customer research: Surveys, focus groups
• Communication issues management
• Enhanced access to information
• Customized messages to target audiences
• Controlled interaction on priority initiatives with key customers
• Customer affinity and brand loyalty

Integrating Business, Technology and Innovation
• Focused innovation strategies
• Business incubation, intellectual property, tech transfer and commercialization
• Aligning business and technology
• Web portal technology solutions
• Process change and innovation
• e-Business, e-Learning
• Focused knowledge business and economic development strategies
• Telecommunications infrastructure development
• Enhanced access to venture capital
• Public sector strategies, program review and evaluation
• Sector development: Life science, biotechnology, information technology, public policy, financial services, business regulation, tourism, culture, agrifood, natural resources, administration of justice, university academic planning, Faculty of Medicine